A Closed Species created by @Tinny and co-owned by @Cashew.

Drawn to to the sounds of prayers, these roaming spirits find themselves at shrines. They listen to heartfelt pleas made from those who are down on their luck. With the ringing of a bell and wish for prosperity, a Purrcerin is born.

Purrcerins have two forms: "Dou" is their active form and "Zou" is their dormant statue form.

These little spirits find those down on their luck and select them as their "Chosen." They stick with them for a long time, if not until the end of their Chosen's life before they find a new person to accompany. Only their Chosens can see them in their Dou form, but everyone can see them in their Zou form.

They're playful and mischievous little spirits, but they mean no harm. There are rumors that the ringing of their bell drives away evil intent and bad luck. They like to keep their own little hoard of trinkets as well, and their diet consists of coins in a wide variety of currencies.